Part of the existing buildings on the site will be demolished in the first phase to make way for a new building, consisting of workspaces for the municipality of Zemst (STEP 1). The program of demands, consisting of approximately 3.500sqm, is organized along the perimeter of the site (STEP 2). The front of the volume is bent in order to mark the main entrance to the building. In addition, this ensures optimum visibility from the offices on the loading dock (STEP 3).

The rear of the building is also folded to make room for the fleet (STEP 4). The building envelope is optimized to the requested program of demands and the available space on the site (STEP 5). The building roof is raised in a fan-shaped manner to guarantee optimal daylight entering the building (STEP 6). The result is a sculptural building that can be read in multiple ways, aiming for a flexible and easy usage.