Ten Boomgaard

The project consists of 7 starter homes, grouped around a collective inner garden. The site is located on a corner lot in Bruges. The maximum building envelope steps down on the north side of the plot, in order to connect to the neighboring building, thereby maximizing daylight entering the collective garden (STEP 1). On the south side, the building block is divided into 2 autonomous volumes that, on the one hand, open to a shared parking area, on the other hand, to the bicycle shed and collective garden (STEP 2).

Both volumes have sloping roofs and vertical incisions, creating 7 terraced houses for starters, young couples and singles (STEP 3). The project attempts in various ways to update the typology of the traditional beguinage with small-scale houses, grouped around a collective garden. Not only the plan arrangement but also the materialization subtly refers to the traditional design of the beguinage, using a nuanced brown facade plinth in combination with a white washed brick on top (STEP 4).