The station of Melle dates from 1853 and is known as one of the oldest brick stations in the country. In 2004 it was legally protected and in 2009 it was established as architectural heritage (STEP 1). The client wants to convert the building into a modern business center, supplemented with catering. The ground floor is programmed as a restaurant. The upper floor is converted into office spaces (STEP 2). On the west side, the volume on the first floor is expanded with a multipurpose room (STEP 3).

On the east side, the existing gable roof is pulled up in order to realize an internal connection between the main volume and the adjacent offices (STEP 4). Piercing the eastern side of the building creates room for a transparent kiosk, strategically located at the end of the building (STEP 5). The result is a conscientious renovation that anchors the historically valuable building with a few subtle implementations in its contemporary context.