The project is located south of the city center of Knokke and provides 18 apartments, spread over 3 full floors (STEP 1). Near the Smedenstraat, the volume steps down in order to connect to the adjacent house (STEP 2). The front facade retreats and scales the building morphologically to the size of the adjacent buildings. It can be read as a repetition of 4 almost identical, receding volumes with a facade width of about 10m. The set-back provides a modest green zone that connects to the sidewalk, creating the necessary privacy for the apartments on the ground floor (STEP 3). The volume is finished with an extra storey that steps back in relation to the building levels below (STEP 4).

Each facade has an almost identical design with a double sliding window, supplemented by 2 tilt windows with fixed side panel. The simple facade rhythm ensures a tranquil integration and interweaving within the street. The plinth is perpetuated by a facade cladding in natural stone. The upper floors are defined by a nuanced facade brick (STEP 5).